Drug and Alcohol Policy

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Hulk Labour Hire Pty Ltd ("Hulk Labour Hire") is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all of our employees and those affected by its operations and activities. Hulk Labour Hire recognises that persons under the influence of drugs, non-prescription drugs and prescription drugs has an impact on the health and safety of our employees and third parties. This policy is designed to eliminate inherent risks in the use or abuse of drugs and/or alcohol in the workplace.


The requirements of this policy are:


  1. Employees must not possess, consume or be under the influence of alcohol or non- prescription drugs at 
  1. If an employee takes prescription drugs the employee must take the drugs in accordance with the instructions of their medical practitioner, pharmacist and If the prescription drugs impact or may impact the employee's ability to perform their duties, the employee must immediately notify Hulk Labour Hire.
  1. Hulk Labour Hire has zero tolerance to drugs and Employees are not permitted to work under the influence of:
  • alcohol and/or non-prescription drugs; or
  • prescription drugs (without obtaining the prior written consent of Hulk Labour Hire). 
  1. Any employee suspected of being impaired due to alcohol, prescription drugs or non- prescription drugs will immediately be removed from the
  1. Hulk Labour Hire will carry out screening and testing for alcohol, non-prescription drugs and prescription The testing may be carried out upon reasonable suspicion, at random, or following a workplace accident or incident.
  1. Hulk Labour Hire will provide assistance to an employee in relation to the prevention, education and rehabilitation of drug and alcohol abuse that could impair an employee's ability to work


An employee is in breach of this policy if the employee:


  1. is impaired or suspected of being impaired by alcohol, non-prescription drugs or prescription drugs; 
  1. is found to have a blood alcohol level above 00% in 100 ml of breath;
  1. tests positive for non-prescription drugs in a urine test, hair follicle test or mouth swab test;
  1. tests positive to prescription drugs by urine test, hair follicle test or mouth swab without having given prior notice to and having obtained the prior written consent of Hulk Labour Hire to work under the influence of the prescribed drugs; 
  1. consumes alcohol or takes non-prescription drugs in the workplace; 
  1. is found supplying non-prescription drugs or prescription drugs in the workplace;
  1. refuses to undertake a screening test for the presence of alcohol or


If an employee contravenes this policy Hulk Labour Hire may take any disciplinary action it considers appropriate to protect the health and safety of its employees and third parties, including summary dismissal.



Scott Hartwell




I have read and understood the above policy and will adhere to it at all times. Failure to do this may incur disciplinary action.



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