Hazard Report Procedure Form


Hulk Labour Hire Pty Ltd - WHS Management System




23.0 – Hazard Reporting

Hulk Labour Hire encourages all employees to report hazards immediately to the Works supervisor.

Where the hazard cannot be corrected immediately, Hulk Labour Hire records the details of the hazard in the Hazard Register

Hulk Labour Hire investigates all reported hazards and implements control measures to eliminate and/or minimise the likelihood of an incident or injury.

Hulk Labour Hire identifies a risk class/ranking for all hazards by referring to the categories ranging from high to low in the Risk Matrix. The Risk Matrix is used to determine the level of danger or seriousness (i.e. the consequence) of the risk, how likely it is that this risk will occur (i.e. likelihood/probability) and therefore how detailed control measures will need to be to eliminate or minimise the risk.

Hulk Labour Hire regularly reviews and evaluates the effectiveness of control measures until the hazard is addressed and/or all risks have been mitigated or reduced.

Hulk Labour Hire will issue a copy of any completed Hazard Report form to the principal contractor, as required.


Hulk Labour Hire Pty Ltd - WHS Management System


24.0 – Hazard Report

Where a hazard cannot be immediately corrected, Hulk Labour Hire records the hazard in the HazardReport.