Our People

Our people are our family and we treat them as such. Our core team which make up 70% of the business have been with us for 2+ years. With the latest recruitment software we make sure all our people's tickets are up to date, we regularly host training at our workshops to continually level up our people’s knowledge.

The secret in having happy people is treating them well, with respect and having a high amount of accountability throughout the organisation. At HULK we drive an accountability and performance based culture which in turn attracts the right type of potential employees.

We have some of Australia’s most talented Heavy Diesel & Tyre Fitter Tradespeople.


We are not your average Labour Supple partner

-> 70% of our people have been with us for over 2 years

-> Our people are ranked inside the top 10% of Highly Skilled Tradespeople 

-> Supply Nation Certified 

-> Actively committed to inclusion and diversity 

-> We don't compete on price, we compete on talent

-> Our people's experience speaks for itself