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In remembrance of Blake Price

16/1/94 - 2/2/19

*Donating All Profits To Beyond Blue*

Did you know? 

- Men are 3 times more likely to commit suicide than women

- Australia in 2018: 

    - 3046 people committed suicide 

    - On average upwards of 8 people commit suicide every single day

- 1 in 5 Men have anxiety problems 

- 50% of Australians believe their workplace has poor mental health issues


Behind The Design: 

Blake Price was a beloved

member of Team Hulk, and

in his honour we aim to raise

not only money but awareness for

mental health issues in the workplace


An important part of the Team Hulk culture is the pride we take in being Australia being our home. 

Team Hulk is more than just a job, it's a family. We take pride in our own. 
Hulk Aims to keep LTI Free. Support and build a healthy environment both physically and mentally to work in. 


* Design is the same for both colours (Black & Khaki) and styles (Shirt & Singlet)



Need more information on Beyond Blue? 

Here is a video highlighting the effect Beyond Blue can have on the world: